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The Pilot

Adam "Shakenbake" Baker is a one of a kind airshow pilot. With a personality to match his out going and progressive flying style he is processed from a self made aviator to an industry leader.  Adams competition background and progressive freestyle flying match his one of a kind plane scheme that is updated yearly. His progressive thinking and industry changing strategy has made him marketable to all generations.


  Adam loves to share his story with the younger generations as he is one of the very few in the industry that didn't come from an airshow or aviation family. Adam has dedicated his entire professional career to progression of flying. Holding almost every rating possible from Jets to helicopters to the most nimble of aerobatic aircraft he loves to fly it all. Beginning his career with only a few dollars in his pocket  he likes to share his experience and excite and inspire the next generation of pilots and individuals looking to progress and be successful in whatever endeavor it may be.

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