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Adam is an award wining pilot that discovered his passion for flying while in college. He has flown for the airlines, charter companies and corporate flight departments. His competition background gave him the discipline and structure to help him progress in airshow flying. His show can be described as crisp maneuvering with heart-pounding, gyroscopic freestyle fun!



Crew Cheif

Crew Chief, Photographer and Coordinator

Kevin pursued his passion for aviation in the Air National Guard where he is a mechanic on the C-5 and C-17. He works hard to make sure the Extra 330 is in top form and ready for every airshow inside and out!

Dillon comes from a family of aviators. He currently works as a full time mechanic and his love of photography made him a perfect fit for team Playful. His passion for aviation is shown in his photography. He loves to interact with fellow aviators in his pursuit of a flying career.


Our work


Weight - 1455LBS




G-LIMITS - +10 -10




2022 Schedule 

New Orleans NAS/JRB - March 19-20th - 

NAS Kingsville - April 2-3rd - 

Sun N Fun - April 4-5th -

Cory Morrows Go Wheels Up - San Marcos, TX May 28th -

Kansas City Airshow - New Century, KS - Sept 3 - 4th -

Pensacola Beach Airshow - Pensacola, FL July 9 - 10th -

EAA AirVenture - Oshkosh, WI - July 26 - 31st -

Kansas City Airshow - New Century, KS - Sept 3 - 4th -

NAS Jacksonville Airshow - Oct 22-23rd -

NAS Pensacola - Pensacola, FL Nov - Nov  -



At JET360,  we make your private aviation experience seamless and fun. We have decades of combined experience in aircraft acquisitions, flight department development and flying all over the world. We use this experience to acquire, operate and manage your private jet in the safest and most economical manner, so that when you do fly you have the best pilots and when you don't fly you don't pay your pilots to sit at home. Don't have a jet yet? Not to worry. We can take you through the entire process. From the day you decide you want to skip the lines and travel on your time, to the day that you move into your next time machine, we do it all. We have years of ACTUAL experience in every facet of private aviation and have the expertise to bring you the most COST EFFECTIVE travel with the SAFEST PILOTS for your jet.  We also offer training and tools for owner pilots to enhance piloting skills to carry their friends and family confidently.  

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 1.43.14 PM.png

For the past decade and a half, LOFT has been providing experienced instruction to CJ and Citation pilots. Drawing from our rich history of training thousands of pilots in Citation and CJ series jets, we have been able to create a unique Part 142 simulator training program. In 2009 our CJ1 full flight simulator was the very first simulator in the country to be awarded certification under the new FAR Part 60 standards. This allows LOFT the ability to provide an unprecedented level of personalized training.

As aviators ourselves, we constantly strive to provide the best all-around environment and pilot training experience to our clients. We believe that will be evident from the moment you step into our facility. For more on that experience learn about LOFT\'s Location in Carlsbad, as well as our Client Concierge Services.

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